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ECS offers high-quality professional cleaning services in the surrounding Dallas area. While we’ve built a reputation as a reliable and dependable full-service cleaning provider, you still might be asking yourself why you should choose our professional cleaning service rather than another for all of your cleaning needs. That’s an excellent question and ECS has some very good answers. We know that once you look at the facts, you’ll see why hiring a our professional cleaning service can provide you with tremendous value and quality service over our competitors.

What Sets ECS Apart From Others:

Over the years we have compiled the most common reasons why our customers choose to seek out a different service from their individual maid.

  1. The maid was great but the quality has decreased. She is very sweet and I feel bad having to point things out again and again, but I need my home to be cleaned the way I want it.
  2. The maid has become unreliable and it’s inconvenient having to re-adjust my schedule or my family’s schedule on short notice and on a regular basis.
  3. The maid has started to clean more homes in the area and I’m happy for her, but now I have lost the extra touch and focus on details I used to enjoy.
  4. The maid has started bringing help, but the help isn’t providing the same quality.
  5. I can’t always reach the maid between the phone line changes and no email. I find it hard to make changes if I don’t run into the maid at home.

While many individual cleaners and maids provide satisfactory service, you just don’t know what you’re getting with private domestic help. Over recent years, individual cleaners have experienced some highly publicized controversies. Many homeowners are not aware that if you hire a personal maid which is not employed or contracted by a 3rd party and you pay that maid more than $1800 per tax year, you are responsible for Federal and State payroll taxes. In some cases homeowners have been forced to pay hefty fines for failing to pay Social Security taxes on their domestic workers. In addition, the risk of employing undocumented workers for service positions has caused many homeowners to steer clear of individual domestic help. Individual cleaners are usually self-employed and often lack the resources and skills needed to reliably and properly clean your home. The high-turnover rate for individually hired domestic help can many times leave you needing to refill these positions in order to find quality workers. Why waste your time with that? At ECS, we believe that our success depends on our customers’ complete satisfaction and the training of our staff.

You can always be assured that you’ll receive the highest levels of service the cleaning industry can provide. We achieve that by providing our clients with a unique set of services in order to create a feeling of relaxation and order in your home. It’s almost like being on vacation without ever leaving the house!

ECS achieves this feeling by hiring the best people that truly care about your needs and requests. We carefully screen each and every employee with comprehensive background and reference checks. We only hire reliable, dependable, trustworthy individuals who understand our commitment to high standards and professional integrity. We then thoroughly train our maids to properly provide you with quality cleaning services, no matter how big or small. Our maids learn to follow proper procedures, are detail oriented, and thoroughly complete specific tasks in order to achieve the hotel style quality you deserve. All of our maids arrive at your home in clean, professional uniforms with cheerful, helpful attitude that makes you feel pampered from the moment they walk through the door. This quality of work is guaranteed because we continually monitor our cleaning staff through regular inspections, field supervision, and detailed record keeping. Because your personal safety and security are our top priority, all of our maids are fully insured and bonded, so you can rest assured that we’ll treat your home as we would our own. We train our staff to understand that our labor is the cleaning of properties but our job is to give our customers the relief and satisfaction of coming home to a clean home. We envision our customers who at 6:00 a.m. may be preparing the kids for school or baby for daycare. We envision the tough day ahead at the office and the grueling drive back home during rush hour. And we envision the feeling of satisfaction our customers feel when they open their doors and know that they can relax with their families and enjoy their home. Now this life scenario may not apply to all, but ultimately the result is the same. Our customers seek our service and in return we supply them with a clean property and the simple comfort of time.

We also understand in order for us to provide our service, we need a proper staff. At ECS, we team up cleaning professionals and assign them to regular accounts. Our customers enjoy getting the same team, which provides the same results and comfort, of having that personal touch. Our team members enjoy working together and getting to clean the homes they service regularly, which makes each visit easier to maintain. This is not an easy task in an industry where the average yearly employment turnover rate is 200%, so we have made an effort to meet one-on-one with each employee and work with them on a customized career plan. We hire cleaners that love to clean and provide a company that provides livable wages, recognition and appreciation for all their efforts. As a result, we are proud of our average years of employment being 4 years and that 30% of our staff have been with ECS for over 7 years. If you asking yourself how can ECS provide such good service and keep such a low turnover rates? Well for many reasons, but one is that an average entry level employee training will cost $2000 per person. Those savings are passed along to our customers in our affordable rates and to our staff with our incentive programs.

At ECS our professional cleaning services are unmatched in the industry. We meet with customers and customize our service per room in your home. We know how to clean, but what we are interested in knowing is how to modify our service to fit your unique needs. For customers that seek all rooms to be cleaned without any specific requests, they can expect each room to be thoroughly cleaned, dusted, and vacuumed using professional cleaning products and equipment. These customers can expect all kitchen appliances, cabinets, tables, and chairs to be wiped down and counters, sinks, and back splashes will be scrubbed and sanitized. We can even put the dishes away! In the bedrooms, linens can be changed and laundered, furniture will be cleaned and dusted and floors will be vacuumed or washed, even under the beds! Your bathrooms will positively shine after we’ve cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized the showers, tubs, sinks, vanities, mirrors, toilets, and cabinets. The floors and tile walls will be washed and scrubbed and the chrome polished. It will feel like you’re living in one of the finest hotels! Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg of all the services we can provide for you. For customers that maintain their own properties but need help on those tough areas such as bathrooms, floors and kitchens, we are your answer. As an ECS customer, you may exclude cleaning details or even entire rooms. We want to focus on the areas you prefer. Our rates are designed for customers that need to maintain a budget or just need a pick me up in cleaning; they are not in need of a whole top to bottom service that most cleaning companies will only do. Last minute company coming? Call us so we can get the guest rooms and common areas ready! Your pooch’s muddy paws got all over the house? We can clean the floors! Couldn’t find the time to get all the laundry done? Call us we can have it washed, dry and folded before you get home! At ECS, we are not a one size fits all service. We are your maid service and that means we handle all your maid service needs. Whatever your specific cleaning requirements are, we are dedicated to meeting your needs while exceeding your expectations. You can be assured that you will be satisfied with all of the ECS services, because we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer service. Our staff is always available to offer you assistance for whatever the reason. We’ve developed a highly sophisticated scheduling system that allows us to provide you with reliable, prompt, and flexible scheduling options. Whether you are in need of daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services, we will be there for you on time and ready to work. It’s this dedication to each of our customers that makes the ECS employees the top in the industry. In addition, we’ve made it easy for you to monitor and maintain your services by providing a comprehensive website where you can easily access your account, a toll free number where you can reach us 24-hours a day, and a variety of payment options, including accepting all major credit cards, money orders, checks and online bill pay.

So, as you can see, it’s simply the smart choice to hire ECS for all of your professional cleaning needs. Whether you’re looking for a professional cleaning service to clean your house, apartment, ECS is your answer for dependable, experienced, quality service. Our staff is dedicated to giving you the special care and treatment that you deserve. Remember, at ECS we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality professional cleaning and hotel style etiquette!

About Our Staff

ECS requires every member of our staff to sign and agree to our Worker Conduct Agreement. This Agreement is a defined set of rules and includes background checking for arrests, convictions and driving records. Clean driving records and not only convictions but also arrests are very important. Many companies only focus on convictions, however, we take it that one step further to make sure they have never been arrested or charged with any violations. We require the best for our clients.

Our Code of Ethics

ECS developed a Code of Ethics to assist you in understanding what to expect from any cleaning service. The Ethics Guarantee’s our service will treat your space with the respect and security which is expected. All Support Staff agrees and signs this Code of Ethics.

ECS Guarantees

At ECS, we have four Guarantees for all of our customers. We are a reputable company that is always striving for enhancements. We appreciate the opportunity to service your home and these guarantees are to demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding our customer’s property.

Our Guarantees to All Our Clients

ECS is focused on giving the highest level of professionalism. One way that we maintain this high level of professionalism is by offering four guarantees. With each of these four guarantees, we are able to assure the owner of the property that our cleaning will be at the highest standard we can give.

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