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Residential Cleaning Services
Q: I live in an apartment community, can you clean my home without having a key?

Many of our clients live in a community with an office at the entrance. When we have a scheduled time to come clean your house, we simply have you call your office and let them know the day and time we will be there. When we arrive on site, we will show our ID badge to have the staff let us in the residence, and when we are finished, we have the staff lock the door behind us.

Q: How long does it take to clean my home?
In most cases we are able to be in and out of your residence with-in 1-2 hours. This is very typical with a two bedroom residence and our three member crew.
Q: How can I trust your company not to steal anything?

All of our workers are uniformed and have a thorough background check ran. We also insure each of our workers against any breakage that might happen in your home. Our staff is trained to be extremely careful while in your residence.

On top of what is stated above, we have our system finely tuned. We have one member of our staff for each of the following areas: Duster (bedrooms, living rooms, hallways), Bathroom, and Kitchen. This cuts down on theft because we are able to track who goes where in the home. If anything were to come up missing, we would be able to easily track who was working that part of the house and speak with our staff about the item.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, so here are a few more details about how our services stands above other cleaning companies.

ECS assigns each cleaner a specific job per property. This places each staff member in a specific area of the home and allows ECS to track who is cleaning which area. If something is missing or damaged, it becomes very easy for us to speak with the staff member that was cleaning in that specific area. This creates additional checks and balances in regards to safeguarding our customer’s property. In cases such as theft, damage and or any dishonest behavior our management team can easily narrow down who should be questioned.

Q: If I have a home, do I have to be there when the cleaners come?

No. You are welcome to be there when we clean and we can accommodate your schedule. If you would rather set up alternative means for us to receive a key and clean while you are away, we are more than happy to do that as well.

If you do leave us a key and request special treatment or information we are happy to assist you in any manner we are able. One way that we help you with the security of your home is that we are able to email or call you when we arrive at your home to clean, and then again call or email you when we leave your home.

Q: How often should my house really be cleaned?

Most people request every two weeks, but in reality the frequency should be determined by the customers cleaning needs and budget. We can accommodate any scheduling need and we price out each room in order to give our customers the ability to fit the cleaning into their price range and budget. This allows each client the ability to create a unique cleaning routine that fits their needs. ECS is very detailed when cleaning. After your initial cleaning, you will need time to assess how quickly your home needs another cleaning. When you decide that it is time for another cleaning, please allow a two day notice before our staff will be able to make it back out to your location.

Q: Will your company send the same people to clean my home?

Yes! We pride ourselves on the retention of our cleaning staff. In this industry there is a lot of turnover. We have discovered that customers prefer the same cleaners and cleaners prefer to clean the same properties. Not only has this improved quality but also has reduced cleaning times that help our company maintain reasonable rates. In many cases our clients will refer to their set cleaners as “my crew”. They get used to knowing exactly how their home will be cleaned and love trusting this staff to work for them. In turn, our cleaning teams refer to their assigned properties as “our house” and place the effort and care to keep these properties as immaculate as their own homes.

Q: Do your cleaners speak English? Will they understand me?

Our lead cleaner will be able to speak English and able to understand any directions that you give them. We guarantee this every time! We would never want you to feel uncomfortable with the staff that you have clean your home, so we assure you that your cleaning crew will speak English.

Q: How do they know what to clean?

There is a 100 point check list that we go through before entering your home. This ensures that the cleaners visiting your home know exactly where and what to clean before they ever step foot in the door.

Q: If something goes wrong, how do you handle complaints?

If there is ever a problem, you will be given the personal cell phone to one or all of the senior executive staff members. You are free to call or email any one of them to share this information openly, so that we may work with our staff to correct that problem in the future.

Q: How do I pay?

You can pay via phone with your credit card or you can choose to have a credit card on file with us, which will be processed at the end of the day. You may also pay by check or cash (but please keep in mind, our cleaners do not carry any cash on them, so you will need to have exact change). In some cases we will also bill you at the end of the month. If you would like our service to bill you at the end of the month, you will need to contact our office to request this type of payment.

Q: Will you clean my home if I have a dog?

Yes! 95% of our residential customer base has pets and our staff is accustomed to having pets present during the cleaning. Upon your initial estimate, our rep will assess if your pet is friendly. A simple meet and greet is all that is necessary. If we feel that the pet may be a threat, we will advise for your pet to be kenneled. In our experience, we have only had to request a pet to be kenneled twice in 8 years.

Q: What happens when something breaks in my home?

It’s a sad truth that accidents are prone to occur while cleaning. What’s sadder is most cleaners will evade or conceal damaged items from their customers. At ECS, we are fully insured, but more importantly, we go to additional measures to avoid these occurrences. First is our training. Our staff goes through continual training in how to avoid accidents and spot areas where there is a more likeliness for an accident to occur.

We also have a no liability policy with our staff. This is a promise made by management to our cleaners that in the event that an item is damaged on property, we will hold no employee liable if they report the incident and participate in our ongoing training. This releases our cleaners from the anxiety and fear brought about from the belief that they will have to pay for the damaged item or by losing their job. What we want customers to know is that we try to avoid accidents but can’t guarantee they will not happen. What we can guarantee is that we are upfront and take responsibility for any damage causes by our Staff.

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