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Our Goal Is To Not Only Become The Best Cleaning Service In Dallas, But Also To Be The Most Trusted!

We’ve built a company on two simple principals. The first is to fulfill the need of customers seeking honest, quality maid service they can afford. The second is to fill the need of hardworking, motivated maids seeking a company that appreciate their efforts and provide a positive work environment.

We have noticed over the years that some consumers will choose less-than-reputable companies to clean their homes, many times because they are quoted less money, or the lack of options choosing between the low end companies or the overpriced franchises.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for good, honest competition, but it pains us to see good folks risk their hard earned money with a company who has no track record – or worse, a bad or hidden track record.

Industry Standards Were Not Tough Enough

One of the ways we are striving to become not only the best cleaning service but also the most trusted, is by putting some standards on how cleaning companies operate. We looked around at some of our competition and saw very quickly that there are no set standards in place that potential customers could turn to for knowledge on the difference between services. How could you know if another service was any better, worse, or exactly the same as everyone else? Before you hire any service to come into your personal space and clean, make sure to consult this guide and insist that the service will comply with every single standard in this book. If you do, there’s a good chance that you’ll get exactly what you want out of the cleaning service team you hire.

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